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John, Doe
MC: change of glasses
Patient refers using glasses since he was 5
CVA OD: 6/10; OS 7/10
UCVA OD: 4/10; OS 4/10
BMC: whitout particularities
Prescription: OD: -1.50 at 25º 10/10; OS: -1.50 at 175º 10/10
Order control of VA in 6 months


John Doe, visited the ophthalmology clinic on 9th July 2022, with the main concern of a change in his glasses prescription. He has been using glasses since the age of 5. During the examination, his corrected visual acuity (CVA) was found to be 6/10 in the right eye (OD) and 7/10 in the left eye (OS). His uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) was 4/10 in both eyes. The biomicroscopy examination showed no particular abnormalities. The current prescription for his glasses is OD: Sphere -1.50 at 25º, Visual Acuity 10/10; OS: Sphere -1.50 at 175º, Visual Acuity 10/10. To address the change in prescription, we advised John to continue using the new glasses and scheduled a follow-up appointment in 6 months to monitor his visual acuity and prescription efficacy.

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