Time is your most valuable asset.
AsysGPT helps physician recover it.
AsysGPT uses AI to help doctors create human readable text and reports from EHR annotations.

Secure, HIPAA and GDPR compliant

  • Transcripts, and notes are not stored!
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Security: Our main concern

    In the realm of healthcare, security and adherence to regulations stand as the pillars of our foundation. At AsysGPT, we prioritize privacy as a cornerstone of our mission. This is because we deeply understand how vital it is to shape our customers' perception of our offerings. Our commitment to safeguarding customer application data, eradicating system vulnerabilities, and upholding seamless accessibility remains ingrained in our design ethos.

    Our innovative tool uses artificial intelligence for generating medical notes. By leveraging AsysGPT, medical practitioners can concentrate on the essence of their consultations: the patients themselves. Give it a try, it's absolutly FREE!

    Transparency is a cornerstone belief for us. Throughout the development of this product, our unwavering focus has been on achieving the pinnacle of security and compliance. All this is achieved without compromising the ultimate output of the medical notes. We wholeheartedly understand that even a slight deviation in accuracy could force physicians to divert their attention back to editing, which goes against the very purpose of providing optimal care with the utmost respect for privacy.

    Data Storage and Processing

    In a straightforward manner, AsysGPT refrains from retaining any data throughout this process, encompassing medical notes, or the final notes generated. The sole storage utilized for AsysGPT's operation is the physician's individual computer - essentially, their localized Chrome storage file. This signifies that both the transcript and suggested note persist solely on the device and are not stored on our servers.

    AsysGPT undertakes data processing without storage, performing computational operations to transform EHR text into well-crafted human readable notes.

    This data processing transpires within AsysGPT's servers, which are powered by the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR standards. Additionally, HIPAA-compatible LLM servers contribute to the process.

    Privacy Assurance

    Medical notes from EHR commonly encompass personally identifiable information, including demographic details, medical history, test results, mental health insights, insurance specifics, and additional personal data. Naturally, safeguarding this data from unauthorized exposure is paramount.

    We decided to opt out of data retention with our LLM vendor.

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    Who is this app for?

    AsysGPT is for physicians / medical doctors.

    Is it suitable for all medical specialties?

    Yes, at the time of account creation, the user will be able to choose their medical specialty. The system will use this choice to make the reports in the best way according to the chosen medical specialty.

    How much does it cost? Is it FREE?

    You have a FREE trial period for 30 days. You just have to create a user account and start using it!
    No credit card information needed. After the trial period, the service has a very economical cost of 3.99 USD per month, and if paid annually it has an additional discount remaining at 39.90 USD per year.

    What languages are supported by the app?

    In a first version, ONLY SPANISH and ENGLISH are available to be used within the App. Portuguese, German, Italian and French are planned to be available in future releases.

    Does it use Artificial Intelligence?

    Yes, AsysGPT uses Artificial Intelligence to convert the text of the EHR into human readable text. The technology used is the same as that used by ChatGPT (OpenAI): they are large language models (or LLMs). In our case we use a foundational LLM, fine-tuned to achieve the desired results.

    What will you do with the data I enter? What data will you keep?

    Texts entered are processed by an LLMs, and the result is displayed on screen.
    We do not store any data entered by you while using the app: neither the text entered by you nor the result returned by the LLM.
    The only information that we record in our system refers to the use of User Accounts: During the creation of Accounts: Name, Surname, Country, Email Address, and Medical Specialty are registered. During the use of the App: we keep track of who logs in, the dates and times of logins, and the number of times the system was used.
    You can read our full Privacy Policy page.

    What are the Best Practices using this App?

    As you will be entering confidential and sensitive information, we strongly advise using anonymized data: try NOT USING the real name of the patients. You can always use a fake name like John Doe or Jane Doe instead.

    What are the limitations of this App?

    As most of this technology (LLMs), it may occasionally generate incorrect information: ALWAYS CHECK the results for errors, misinformation or inconsistencies.

    Can I choose different output formats?

    In this version it is not allowed to choose the output format, but in the following versions it is planned to do so.

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