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“Using AsysGPT has been a game-changer for me. It significantly reduces the time I spend sifting through patient records, allowing me to focus more on providing personalized care to my patients. Highly recommended!”
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AsysGPT is for physicians / medical doctors.

Yes, at the time of account creation, the user will be able to choose their medical specialty. The system will use this choice to make the reports in the best way according to the chosen medical specialty.

It’s FREE! You just need to create an account and start using it!

In a first version, ONLY SPANISH is available to be used within the App. In the second version it will be possible to use it in ENGLISH. Portuguese, German, Italian and French are planned to be available in future releases.

Yes, AsysGPT uses Artificial Intelligence to convert the text of the EHR into human readable text. The technology used is the same as that used by ChatGPT (OpenAI): they are large language models (or LLMs). In our case we use a foundational LLM, fine-tuned to achieve the desired results.

Texts entered are processed by an LLMs, and the result is displayed on screen.
We do not store any data entered by you while using the app: neither the text entered by you nor the result returned by the LLM.
The only information that we record in our system refers to the use of User Accounts: During the creation of Accounts: Name, Surname, Country, Email Address, and Medical Specialty are registered. During the use of the App: we keep track of who logs in, the dates and times of logins, and the number of times the system was used.
You can read our full Privacy Policy page.

As you will be entering confidential and sensitive information, we strongly advise using anonymized data: try NOT USING the real name of the patients. You can always use a fake name like John Doe or Jane Doe instead.

As most of this technology (LLMs), it may occasionally generate incorrect information: ALWAYS CHECK the results for errors, misinformation or inconsistencies.

In this version it is not allowed to choose the output format, but in the following versions it is planned to do so.

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